The Daily Ration is a locally-owned breakfast, lunch, and dinner restaurant located in the Riverview Neighborhood of North Chattanooga. Established in 2016, The Daily Ration offers high-end coffee, cocktails, and a multifaceted menu ranging from your classic eggs-and-bacon breakfast all the way to Asian-inspired rice and noodle dishes.

The Building:

The gas station that stood barren for close to a decade received a revamp in 2011 when local entrepreneur and developer Chuck Pruett purchased the space. He teamed up with longtime friend and employee, Mike Mayo, to open the Farmer’s Daughter, a breakfast cafe that was open for close to 3 years.

The Brains:

Jason Bowers and Matt Skudlarek, of the local haunt The Bitter Alibi, started their restaurant career in the summer of 2014 when they took over the defunct “O’Heiney’s” bar on Houston Street in Downtown Chattanooga. The space quickly became a hit and soon expanded into the above two floors. A couple of kitchen renovations later, the space had transformed into a lunch and dinner spot with the basement vibe still intact, and a cocktail lounge called The Fix on the 3rd floor.

Mike Mayo, the owner of the previous business, was friends with Bowers and Skudlarek. They would all meet occasionally to talk shop and bounce ideas off of one other. As Mayo entered into his 4th year, he found that his time would be better spent in other endeavors and approached Bowers and Skudlarek about taking over the space.